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A Unique Approach

Teniqua also offers a truly customised serviceallowing you, the customer, the opportunity to create an entirely unique scent. 

We work with some interesting people and brands collaborating together to create new memories. 


If you would like to enquire about a personal customised perfume to scent your wedding day or to collaborate on an innovative project or just want to get in touch, please contact us 


‘Breaking Ice’

Recently we created a scent experience for the extremely talented and justifiably  celebrated artist Nick Romeril who was creating a body of amazing work capturing the essence of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Nick experienced the snow white wilderness whilst on a month long voyage as artist in residence aboard the Royal Navy ice patrol ship, HMS Protector.

The project culminated in a 5D exhibition, ‘Breaking Ice’, involving all the senses including the scents we created. The Earth’s southern most continent and least accessible landscape has a distinct lack of smell. So we aimed to portray the sensation of the cold that bites the back of your nose, a refreshing cold kick. For a bit of light relief we also replicated the smell of fish poo as the penguins may look cute but are in fact, rather stinky.