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Buckle Up with Drop the Hoohaa

Buckle Up with Drop the Hoohaa

Dropthehoohaa x Teniqua - The Gift Of Discovery

I am delighted to announce that our Figue Verte Eau de Parfum has been chosen by niche perfume subscription brand ‘Drop the Hoohaa’. Included in the category ‘Buckle Up’ in their June drop we have gone out to all their subscribers introducing them to Figue Verte and our brand, Teniqua.


Here's what they say -

'Since the release of Diptyque’s Philosykos and Premier Figuier from L’Artisan Parfumeur in the mid 90’s, both of which were composed by Olivia Giacobetti, fig fragrances have been a staple of many collections. Teniqua’s Figue Verte eschews many of the tropes you find in fig-based perfumes. There are no trips to the Mediterranean by way of Milton’s Garden of Eden. Instead perfumer Frances Lamb centers this now familiar fruit within a Caravaggio landscape filled with light and shadow.⁠

The fragrance opens with a burst of green fig, bright bergamot and a playful zing of raspberry. A gentle hum of lavender creates a spacious, aromatic bridge to a fleshy heart given a sumptuous depth thanks to a hit of white flowers and lush magnolia. In the base vetiver and resins create dark, shadowy recesses, which perfumer Lamb accentuates with a measured shot of oud. And, we have to say, a very clever use of it at that.'

We are immensely proud to be included in this exciting project which is a fantastic way to bring niche perfumery to a wider audience, to give people a chance to try new fragrances that they may not know. To learn about the people behind the brands and the stories behind the fragrances.


Such lovely comments have been posted by subscribers already -

 - @catficionado 

'Figue Verte, which at the start reminds me of the gorgeous Philosykos from @diptyque, my favourite fig perfume. It's the young green fig, furry and green rather thanpurple and sweet. There's citrus and magnolia in there too. The
woody notes which normally are a bit problematic to me, but these are
light and leafy and accompanied by vetiver so it's all good
Thanks to @dropthehoohaa for including this in their June drop
and introducing me to this brand.'
 -@zoe_mk87 Figue Verte here too. So addictive.


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