a view of the rocks and the sea, showcasing the beauty of nature

Eau de Parfum - Force of Nature Collection

sea hitting the rocks showcasing the beauty of nature 

An homage to traditional techniques and modern aesthetic values, we have created unique blends that speak about the force of nature and its beauty and strength.

Embracing the elements of our coastal home, collaborating with nature to produce wonderful aromas that tell a story, that make you dream or recollect once forgotten memories through the power of the sense of smell.


Rocks, stone and wood, a scenic view on St Ouens Bay, Jersey 

Eau de Parfum - The Original Collection

Eau de Parfum - The Original Collection

Range of perfumes from the original collection from Teniqua

Introducing our trilogy of fine scents that celebrate the art of living, scented moments in time.

Our collection of fine scents, all with a luxurious heart warming base, the soul of the scent. Combining natural essences with the finest aromas, colours, sounds and textures all help to express the perfume’s depth and richness. 

Our niche artisanal brand of small batch scents will hopefully find a place in your life.


Scents for the Home

Scents for the Home

Our homes are now even more important to us. We surround ourselves with many things, all of which we want to be sure enhance our wellbeing.

The sense of smell can lift our mood, lift our spirits and give a general refresh to the air around us. 

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