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Teniqua is a Jersey-based, fine scent concept founded by Frances Lamb. Each scent tells a story, is born from an idea, a scented ingredient or an experience. A scented moment in time.

Teniqua means ‘strong’ and this emotive word, of Sanskrit origin, is echoed throughout the brand, its nuances carry through from the message, the packaging and to the fragrances themselves. 

Strength is utilised by the use of smell, the flowers use their scents to ward off their enemies, animals use their scent to stimulate the senses, to attract the opposite sex, our emotions and memories can be recalled at an unexpected moment by a waft in the air.

Here at Teniqua we make artisan scents in small batches with quality of fragrance, reliability of manufacture and elegance of presentation at the very core of our brand ethos. Every scent is made with care and attention to detail. At the same time we do our upmost to protect our planet through sustainable practices.

Our unique range of scents offer the perfect blend of luxury and simplicity for you to wear and enjoy.

We want you to experience the scent notes without any preconceived ideas so for this reason the name of each scent isn't displayed on the front of the bottle or box. I frequently hear someone say 'oh, I didn't think I would like such and such but its changed my perception'.

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A powerful sense of smell has been with me all my life and as an interior designer I had created ranges of home scents over the years to accompany the furnishings and accessories that I designed and sold to clients all over the world. 

Taking a year off a while back opened a window to a change of career for me, I realised that I wanted to concentrate on designing scents and creating something that I loved and could immerse myself in with passion and enthusiasm, the greatest way to learn.

"Every single scent is inspired by my experiences or my travels." 

I studied from the beginning, how to smell with a perfumer’s nose, how to compose with a musician’s mind and how to paint a scent. I walked the streets of London blindfolded, smelling the everyday aromas we take for granted. I was taught by the best teachers and met other creatives who spoke the same thoughts and together we connected and empowered each other. Tripping through the ‘calli’ of Venice on the way to scent school with an air of complete excitement is a moment in time I will never forget and I thank each and everyone one of you who has helped me on this epic voyage.


With Teniqua, my fragrant journey is just beginning and with every creation my story unfolds, past and future experiences, my inspiration, as my dreams I dared dream become a reality.

Together I’d like to share this passion with you, to enjoy and celebrate the art of living, ‘Joie de vivre’, scented moments in time.

Discover our collection for yourselves, your family and friends to share and enjoy.


  Creative Director of Teniqua