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Frequently asked questions ...

Are Teniqua products natural?

We use many natural ingredients in our compositions, our scents are designed by me and my perfumers combining natural essential oils with the finest aroma chemicals that adhere to IFRA’s global compliance. We want to feel safe, however we also want to do right by the planet as well, it’s called ‘clean science’ or ‘bio-positive’. Thereby ensuring that the world’s natural olfactory resources are not depleted or endangered further.

I have sensitive skin, can I wear your perfumes?

Well, I completely understand as I have suffered from sensitive skin all my life. I’m actually allergic to fragrances would you believe! So with this in mind I test every perfume and I can wear them all.

At times when my skin is highly reactive I spray in front me and walk through the spray so that the lovely molecules fall on my hair and clothes and that way I can immerse myself in the perfume.
As with any scented product I advise that you carefully test a scent on a small area of the skin before use to ensure it doesn’t invoke a skin reaction.

Are your products tested on animals?

Our company is associated with the CTPA (Cosmetic, Toiletries & Perfumery Association) and conforms both to their guidelines and to industry standards, legislation introduced in 1986 under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act ended all animal testing of cosmetic products in the UK.

Tell me about your packaging.

Our stationary and packaging is FSC ® certified and our boxes can be recycled and are made of recycled paper and assembled using eco-friendly glue.

What are your core values?

  • I don’t compromise on quality, the ingredients or the process. 
  • Provenance and transparency of the ingredients and products is a discussion that I continue to have and in doing so you as my customers can feel assured that you are at the forefront of my actions.
  • This is a design led business, a phrase all too frequently used but in my case as a designer it is a fact. The quality, look and feel are all essential to my core values.
  • Customer service is a goal which I strive to ensure is good. Mistakes do happen, we’re all human here, and to that fact I aim to rectify without hassle and as quickly as possible.

Although Jersey based my work takes me far and wide, I’m always learning and finding fragrant inspiration in the strangest of places and that’s what keeps it fun.

Where do you ship to?

We currently are unable to ship outside the UK and Islands but hopefully we will soon be able to remedy that.

What are your shipping rates?

Currently we offer free shipping within the island of Jersey.

We aim to keep our shipping costs as low as possible to the UK.

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