Why I should be drinking water.

Why I should be drinking water.

Hydrating your skin for longevity

No, I’m not going to bang on with the obvious. Every page I read, especially in January, tries to educate me on the virtues and health benefits of drinking water, I KNOW, and every year I make a new resolution and before the day ends the bottle remains full and resolutions out of the window. 

However did you know that drinking water improves your perfume’s longevity? Spray onto dry dehydrated skin and the scent molecules will just cling to the dead skin cells and float away, only giving you a fleeting moment of enjoyment, pretty revolting subject I agree. Beautifully soft, hydrated skin soaks up your fragrance and lasts for far longer.

"Makes sense doesn’t it?"

So tip for the new Year, maintain a healthy skin base, revitalise frequently and ensure that you smell gorgeous.

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