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Starting the new year with a bang

Featuring in the January drop with Hoohaa

Featuring in the January drop with Hoohaa



I am delighted to announce that our Mysuru Amber Eau de Parfum has been chosen by niche perfume subscription brand ‘Drop the Hoohaa’. Included in the category ‘Buckle Up’ in their January drop, we have gone out to all their subscribers introducing them to Mysuru Amber and our brand, Teniqua.

10ml bottle


Having had Figue Verte chosen last summer, as a brand, we are immensely proud to be included again in this exciting project which is a fantastic way to bring niche perfumery to a wider audience, to give people a chance to try new fragrances that they may not know or have heard of.


The reaction has been truly amazing, here are a few of the lovely comments ...
  •  "Mysuru Amber is reminiscent of timeless elegance."
  •  "Just tried it out and fell in love! Such a beautiful scent" Olivia
  • "It's such a gorgeous scent! Well done on such a beautiful creation."

Special offer

To get you started on your niche perfumery journey, the lovely people at Dropthehoohaa are giving you 50% off your first month with code TENIQUA50

A subscription would be the perfect gift just in time for Valentine's Day and Mothering Sunday 
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