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A New Era of Timelessness

A New Era of Timelessness

We need to look beyond the fashion and the turbulent times and remind ourselves of what is consistent, recall memories and bring our emotions to the forefront to keep us on a level and balanced path.

Family occasions, childhood memories, friends reunited, walks along the beach, a hand to hold. Fragrance brings these emotions to the forefront of our memory in all its glory, colour, sound and texture. 

 The rich hue of silk velvets, so soft and feather light.

The sweet fragrance of white peaches grown in my grandmother’s greenhouse.

Musky, comforting notes of a lover’s neck.

The soft, leathery, sweaty notes as you dismount from your horse.

The cool, hard stone textures interspersed with solid woods and incense recall Sunday morning Church services. 

As each new generation bring their own individuality, the modernity, new sciences, momentary fashions and fads ebb and flow.

We are not bound to the past but we should celebrate it, absorb it, in equal measures along with the future but always keeping the traditional values in mind. Artisanal, charm, sophistication, understated luxury are not ties that need to be thrown to the wind, they are values that endure and guide our ideas. That, in itself, make them timeless.

 Ralph Lauren, the great arbiter of tradition

‘I have always been inspired by a way of living that honours grace, beauty, and heartfelt experience. This is how fashion becomes iconic, and tradition becomes timeless’ 

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